TAG stands for The Adult Group. This group is for older singles and married couples. During this busy stage of life, we seek to minister to one another and help each other grow in Christ. Towards this end, we encourage everyone to join a Koinonia Group (what we call our small group). Many of the people in this group are also the leaders of our ministry.

The TAG group meets every Sunday after the sermon for a time of reflection at 11 AM. 

For more information, please contact Pastor Joe Myung:

Young Adult

Young adulthood is an awesome stage in a person's life where an individual is faced with the daily pressures and joys of work and independence. Our YAG (Young adult group) caters to singles. Our mission statement is to grow deeper in the Word as well as to learn to love others more than ourselves. Our prayer is that God will stretch you and mold you so that you can be a mature man or woman of God.

YAG meets every Sunday at 11 AM for sermon reflection. In addition, we have monthly events for fellowship and weekly koinonia groups (small groups) where individuals can meet in a more intimate setting to share life, discuss and learn more about our faith and biblical truths, and keep each other accountable.

For more information, please contact Pastor Joe Myung:




Going to college is an exciting time for young people who are discovering what it's like to live on their own for the first time. Our college-age group (CAG) seeks to foster community by meeting together and growing one another in the love of Christ. Hope CAG sees students coming from UC San Diego, San Diego State, and University of San Diego, as well as from community colleges in the area. Our hope is that members of this group will learn what it means to be part of the body of Christ in the church. Over the course of the year, we meet together regularly for Bible studies, reflection groups, biblical mentoring called discipleship training (DT), as well as fun activities like bonfires, potlucks, retreats, and, quite frankly, anywhere there is food to eat!

For more information, please contact Justin Park:

Children & Youth

We believe it is our responsibility as a church body to nurture and care for the children and youth among us by partnering with parents to aid in their growth in learning about the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. In a covenantal worship setting, we welcome the children of families to join our service at 9am. Following service, we have Sunday school programs designed to foster community among our children and youth and to help them grow in understanding who Jesus is and what he has accomplished. The children in our ministry (1st to 5th graders) are invited to join trained teachers to engage in Bible learning activities that are relevant to your child's life. We also have a youth group (6th to 12th graders) following Sunday service where they will join teachers in reflecting on Sunday's sermon. Our youth group also meets for Bible Study on Fridays at 7:30pm to grow in the Word.

Please partner with us in pointing your children to the finished work of Christ!

For more information, please contact:
Esther Park: (children's ministry)
Jongyup Park: (youth group)